used in side of macro, as al ready es tab lished

used in side of macro, as al ready es tab lished

Al though #10 in di cates a miss ing let ter G, #14 a miss ing let ter N, #15 a miss ing let ter O, and

#16 a miss ing let ter P, #12 is out of or der Try to think of the copper busbar bending machine dis al lowed let ters, not cnc cutter the num –

bers The let ters that can not be used in a vari able as sign ment (G65 block) are:


G address Preparatory command


L address Number of repetitions (for macros, subprograms, and fixed cycles)


N address Block number (sequence number)


drilling Machine

O address Program number designation


P address Program number call

These are re stricted let ters (try the word GNOPL to re mem ber them) and can not be as signed any

value for any pur pose Of the five, only the let ter G can be used for a spe cial pur pose, such as a

def i ni tion of a new G-code Cus tom G-codes can ac tu ally called a macro, for ex am ple, a spe cially

de vel oped unique cy cle rather than us ing the G65 macro call, the new G-code type macro call

looks like a nor mal G-code, and is of ten eas ier to work with Chap ter 21 cov ers this sub ject

Simple and Modal Macro Calls

The G65 com mand is de fined as a macro call That is cor rect, but it should re ally be de fined as

a sim ple or sin gle macro call The word 鈥榮im ple锟?in this case means 鈥榗alled once锟? or 鈥榥on-modal锟?

In a pro laser cutting gram, G65 can only be used once at a time – as it is not a modal com mand It may be

called any time when needed, but all vari ables must be al ways re de fined This may prove im prac ti –

cal, when a macro should re tain the ar gu ments for more than a sin gle call To sat isfy this need,

Fanuc does also of fers a modal macro call com mand, in fact, it of fers two of them:


Macro is called with an axis movement command only


Macro is called with any command (not available on all controls)

Like other modal com mands, the modal macro call has to be can celed, when it is no lon ger re –

quired The modal macro can cel com mand is an other G-code:


Modal macro call is canceled (G66 or G66

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