The Selection of Hydraulic Oil

If the hydraulic system compared to human torso, then the hydraulic oil is quite human blood, in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil plays a role in energy transmission, system lubrication, corrosion, rust, cooling, hydraulic system can effectively work, and The choice of hydraulic oil varieties and viscosity are closely related. Therefore, understanding the performance of hydraulic oil and the correct selection is very necessary.
A hydraulic oil code, composition and characteristics:
HL universal machine oil, with anti-rust, anti-oxidation CNC punching machines properties of refined mineral lubricants
HM anti-wear hydraulic oil, with anti-rust anti-oxidation, anti-wear properties of refined mineral lubricants
HV low-temperature hydraulic oil, with anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-wear properties, plus viscosity of refined mineral lubricants
HG hydraulic rail oil, with rust and oxidation resistance, anti-wear and anti-stickiness of refined mineral lubricants
HS synthetic hydrocarbon low-temperature hydraulic oil, with anti-rust anti-oxidation, anti-wear properties of synthetic hydrocarbon oil

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Two hydraulic oil species selection
1, according to the hydraulic system of working pressure selection. Different working pressure on the quality of hydraulic oil requirements are different, the system working pressure increases, requiring anti-wear hydraulic oil, anti-oxidation, anti-foam and anti-emulsifying and hydrolysis stability notching machine and other properties should be improved. At the same time, in order to prevent the increase of pressure caused by leakage, hydraulic oil viscosity should be a corresponding increase; the other hand, select the low viscosity hydraulic oil.
2, according to the use of ambient temperature selection. In the high temperature or near the heat source of the machinery, should be preferred viscosity and high temperature (oil viscosity changes with temperature, viscosity-temperature) of the oil or flame retardant oil. In poor working conditions, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the system, to use viscosity-temperature characteristics, thermal stability, lubrication and anti-corrosion properties such as good oil.
3, according to the sealing material selection. The sealing material of the hydraulic device is compatible with the oil used in the system. Otherwise, the seal will expand, shrink, erode and dissolve in the system, which will result in the degradation of the system performance. For example, HM antiwear hydraulic oil CNC Steel pipe welding machine and natural rubber, butyl rubber , Ethylene rubber, silicone rubber and other poor compatibility, which in actual use which is to be taken seriously.
Three hydraulic oil viscosity choice
Select the appropriate viscosity hydraulic oil. High temperature and high pressure system to use high viscosity hydraulic oil, so you can get better lubrication, on the contrary, low temperature and low pressure system, should use low viscosity hydraulic oil, which can reduce energy consumption. In particular, the viscosity is too high, good for lubrication, but increase the system resistance and pressure loss, resulting in increased power loss, oil temperature rise, hydraulic instability, noise, etc .; too high viscosity will cause the pump Low temperature start cnc drilling machine oil absorption difficulties, or even cause low temperature start interruption of fuel supply, the occurrence of equipment failure. On the contrary, when the hydraulic system viscosity is too low, it will increase the hydraulic equipment, internal and external leakage, hydraulic system pressure instability or pressure drop, severe pump will lead to abnormal wear and tear.

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