the corresponding drive (servo or frequency conversion) drilling machine

Punch offer, Dongguan CNC punch factory, Dongguan punch suppliers CNC punch press signal transmission CNC punch press interface is an important guarantee for this coordination work, which is mainly to solve the numerical control device to ask the exchange of information or with the numerical control device outside the signal exchange process (Figure 1) 3D CNC Drilling Machine, the CNC punching machine is the most important part of the work, , The realization of the methods include electrical connection and software coordination and management band saw. CNC punch press is the main edge of this interface to achieve. In this case, 1. Signal classification In this case, From the CNC punch press signal transmission point of view, there are two main categories: one is a single machine tool between the various components of the signal transmission; the other is between machine tools and machine tools or CNC machine tool between the signal transmission. The first kind of signal mainly includes: control the machine tool axis real-time movement correlation signal, by the numerical control device will control the signal to transmit to the corresponding drive (servo or frequency conversion) drilling machine. By the drive device control the same motor rotation: before and after the machine running, CNC device on the machine on a variety of switch signal processing, including the spindle, cutting fluid pump starting and stopping machine button and the trip switch signal. The second kind of signal mainly refers to the communication between the numerical control systems, including RS-232C communication and modems and other means of communication. In this case, In this case, 2. Interface classification specification In this case, According to international standards ‘1504336 a 1981 (E) machine numerical control – numerical control device and CNC punch electrical interface between the specification’, the interface is divided into four types: I – connection with the drive command circuit (power-driven connection); II – numerical control device and the free volume system and the connection between the measuring sensor circuit; III – Power supply and protection circuit; IV – on-off signal and code signal connection circuit c In this case, Can be seen, I, II-type connection circuit to send information is the NC device and servo unit, servo motor, position detection and speed detection between the control information, digital control, servo control and detection control areas.

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