Safety rules for press operation

(1) before the test to check the punch movement part (such as rails, bearings, etc.) whether the filling of the lubricating oil angle machine. Then start punch and check the clutch drill machine, brake is normal. In this case, (2) first turn off the power, and other parts of the movement to stop the punch before they can begin to install and adjust the mold. In this case, (3) installation adjustment is completed, hand-wheel flywheel try to punch twice, the teacher check, before starting the punch. In this case, (4) before the start punch, the other people leave the punch work area, take the debris on the table before starting the power supply. In this case, (5) After punching, the feeding and punching operation will be carried out by one person. Other people may not press the key or foot pedal switchboard, and can not put the hand into the working area of ​​the press or touch the moving part of the punch. In this case, (6) found that the press has abnormal sound and mechanical failure tube drilling machine, should immediately turn off the power switch for inspection. In this case, (7) operation to focus on thinking, is strictly prohibited while talking to do, to cooperate with each other to ensure safe operation. In this case, (8) love stamping equipment, dies, tools, measuring tools and equipment. After the experiment, mold and punch should be wiped clean, finishing ready.

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