Punch various types Punch classification

Punch various types Punch classification 1. Press the transmission structure: Manual punching machine: manual, low efficiency, low pressure, suitable for small holes, paper, leather and other manual processing. Mechanical punch: mechanical transmission, high-speed, high efficiency, large tonnage, the most common. Hydraulic Punch: hydraulic transmission, the speed slower than the mechanical, large tonnage, the price cheaper than the machinery, it is common. Pneumatic punch: pneumatic transmission, and hydraulic quite, but the stability as hydraulic, usually less common. High-speed mechanical punch: mainly used for electronic products such as continuous die blanking drill machine brands, such as the motor set, the rotor-chip, NC, high speed, to ordinary mechanical punch about 100 times. common. There is also a CNC punch, this punch is relatively special plate punching machine, mainly for processing more holes and distribution-intensive parts Laser cutting robots. 2. By machining accuracy: Ordinary punch Precision presses 3. By the use of: Ordinary punch Special punch: such as the punching machine 4. By shape: open punch presses can be tilted semi-open punch press closed punch 5. By tonnage: many.

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