Punch the obvious characteristics and advantages of what

1, the punch body material using high-grade, high-strength cast iron (the country a high-speed punch all materials are similar products in the highest level of material) and to stress tempering and natural aging treatment, the structure of the integration of special cast iron alloy , High rigidity and shock resistance, to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, accuracy and stability. Stamping accuracy of 0.015mm or less, or even up to 0.01mm, vertical accuracy of up to 1.2 wire, travel up to 1300 times / min. 2, the punch production and processing rigorous, advanced, crankshaft, gears, gear shaft friction and other parts are hardened by heat treatment and then grinding process, a high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, the main components used in all imported products High-end CNC machining equipment, production, ensure accuracy, a variety of (including the magnetic filter, including) filtration system to ensure that the mechanical dynamic friction coefficient <0.03. 3, the press lubrication system in the design, the use of fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original industrial duct design, the main body of the stamping process faster cooling, more natural, all anti-wear components are electronic timing automatic lubrication system machine cnc, such as the lack of Lubricants, punch will be fully automatic stop.


At the same time with hydraulic locking system – using 50kgf / cm2; high-voltage automatic locking system to facilitate the operation and to ensure that locking force, solid and accurate. 4, punch eccentric shaft design, the intensity is much larger than the general design of the crankshaft, can withstand greater capacity and not easy to deformation. 5, microcomputer control system – direct display of high-speed press work status and fault conditions, the top dead center stop control, easy to mold and system self-test to facilitate understanding and troubleshooting. 6, advanced, simple control system to ensure the accuracy of the slider operation and stop. 7, Equipped with dynamic load balancing device, set the weight Angle Marking machine, can offset the inertia of reciprocating motion to balance the punch when the high-speed operation of the vibration, high-speed operation to achieve smooth, improve the service life of the main parts.


8, the main system of high-speed press (air, lubrication, pressure lock) – using a pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve system stability. 9, the air pressure system – all using SMC standard components to ensure system stability busbar punching machine. 10, the school mold operation control system, structural separation, self-locking function to improve the safety of operation, the reliability and accuracy of the school model. 11, the use of computer numerical control system, the panel easy to operate, can be used with any of the automated production needs, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. 12, Punch-oriented three-cylinder positioning device orientation, accuracy, stability, testing and easy maintenance. 13, the punch in the actual production of the material to pressure, plastic deformation, and get the required shape and accuracy, it must be with a group of molds (sub-die and die), the material placed in the meantime, the machine Apply pressure, deformation, processing Shi Shi Added to the force of the material caused by the reaction force, by the high-speed punch mechanical absorption by the body to ensure the accuracy of stability.

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