Punch on the way you understand it?

In today’s world of punching industry is growing faster and faster, it is widely used as a market demand, but there are still a small number of customers do not know what punch shock absorber method to make better use of small series with you About today.

First, the punch punch hardening degree (counterclockwise nut, want to know that punch up when the device is done);

Second, the anchor hole under the required gasket, the screw inside the wear, with nuts to maintain the anchor. Punching bolts – Specification for samples. The nut and the red touch touch;

3. Specification for anchorage bolts. Tighten the screws flat, listening to the handle, fixing the screws on the ground;

Fourth, pay attention to listen to anchor bolt weight calculation. Because the creep appearance, the rubber horn is used for the first time, about the anchor bolt weight calculation. The next two weeks to make good use of punch.

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