Punch Infrared Protector of the composition unit (Figure)

Punch infrared components of the protection unit Light-emitting devices: by a number of light-emitting devices, emitting infrared light; Receiver: consists of a number of light-receiving devices, receiving infrared light drilling metal, and light-emitting devices one by one correspondence to form a protective light curtain, resulting in light, shading signal, while the signal cable to the controller to control external equipment ; Controller: for the light-emitting device, the receiver power supply, and receive light transmission by the light, shading signal, the output control signal laser cutting robot arm, control the brake control circuit or other equipment, alarm equipment, to achieve machine stop running or security alarm. The controller has built-in controller (I) and external controller (P).


The built-in controller has compact structure and can be installed in the control box of the equipment. The external controller has beautiful structure and can be directly installed In the device, easy operation and light curtain light, shading the state of observation; Signal cable: used to transmit the controller and the light-emitting device, the signal between the receiver; Control cable: used to connect the controller and machine tools, equipment, to achieve the safety control of machine tools or other equipment; Mounting bracket: the light-emitting device and receiver in the fixed machine; Crankshaft is rigid angle steel bender, so the slider movement is mandatory, the same speed, the slider of the inertia force of the flywheel to the crankshaft, connecting rod, slider to work, working principle see the picture; The number of strokes and the motion curve are fixed.

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