Development history of CNC punch press

The first generation of mechanical CNC punch

The main motor output drives the flywheel and the clutch drive gears, the crankshaft connecting rod is operated to realize the linear motion of the slider of the machine is characterized in that the movement of the flywheel, (or eccentric gear) motion is changed in a linear motion design principle; Ring Stamping Stamping stroke is fixed, can not be adjusted, so the punching plant stamping speed. Second, because the stroke of the head is not adjusted, stamping is not easy to control, only by adjusting the mold to achieve the desired effect, adjust the degree of difficulty and trouble, but also the machine noise, need to replace the clutch plate shortcomings, solid phase out

Second – generation hydraulic CNC punch

Hydraulic press design principle is through a special hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder driven against the head, by the electro-hydraulic servo valve control stamping parts, because of its controllable travel, so you can adjust the nozzle travel without going back to top dead center (professionals Called the pre-pressure point, which is shortening its stamping stroke) ideal speed to complete the desired effect of stamping, each done, to 600-800 times / min. Because of its ease of use, high efficiency, (is about 3 times the mechanical type) is a reasonable price, has been widely used, is the mainstream of the market stamping equipment.

Third – generation servo – NC punch

Driven by the servo motor directly against the head, the servo punch design principles. Because the fixed servo motor does not consume power, so this type of hydraulic phase pressure compared to some, but its higher prices, the market is not much users.

The difference with the traditional servo punch and Traditional Punch

Servo presses with conventional presses different, because the use of servo motor drive, the press may need to set a different path length and speed depending on the delivery; servo press by standard linear scales, perhaps permanently guaranteed lower dead point forming accuracy can be achieved micron, efficacious suppression containment product glitches very revealing his right grid products; ultra-low-speed operation can be; mold shaken small, greatly increases the service life of the mold; no clutch, brake parts, savings electricity and lubricating oil, low running cost. Servo presses occupy complex, high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility, low noise and environmental protection, etc., adequate revealed improvement trend forging machine. It is equipped to break the traditional view of the press, its appearance will cause a revolution in mechanical stress.
Identification of the general press and high-speed punch
Speed: normal speed in ordinary punch 200 times less, high-speed punch speed is generally more than 600 times.
Control: conventional manual, and the foot, NC; high-speed presses are NC, automatic feeding.
Accuracy: there are ordinary general accuracy and precision, high-speed precision high-speed punch presses are generally used in a relatively large number of products, the product of relatively high precision stampings higher price than the general press…
Precision pneumatic punch mold mounting watching what incident?
Precision punching Pneumatic elastic pad cushion ejector apparatus is compact, small installation space and large area ejector, ejector force uniform, high guide precision molds partial pressure lucky punch tiny dip it up and down. Precision punching Pneumatic elastic pad cushion ejector device since the inner rigid support means and the resilient support means communicating enough atmosphere contraction, when the buffer is more counter-top pacification, work pressure change is small, easy to wrinkle stamping workpiece or pull broken, improve the rate of qualified products. Rigid support device dimensions mechanical feeding device to play a much smaller installation space occupied by small, reduced front and rear fuselage isolated precision punching and work surfaces to improve the accuracy of precision punching and stamping texture of the product, reducing the precision punch construction costs. Precision punching Pneumatic elastic pad cushion ejector means wear small, long-lasting retention precision, punched out to make product quality more stable, and can greatly affect the rupture die eccentric punch pressure on product quality and accuracy of precision punching itself. Adjust the vertical position of the stop nut returned to travel, easy to use with all kinds of stamping dies example. Precision Punch ejector means. ”
When the slider is mounted pneumatic precision punching elastic pad cushion ejector device down, punching the table plate located ejector bore ram to move downward under the stamping die stripper function, ram agitation rigid support means down, press the top of the feeding device balloon compression deformation, rigid support means until the limit is the limit bolt; this time in the elastic support means and a rigid support means Zhai emu compressed air pressure, shorten the volume, increased pressure, precision punching slip downlink block and attack to win stamping die cushion. When the slider precision punch line, driven by compressed air reducing power, pressure elastic pad cushion ejector means shifting rigid supporting means promoting top stamping die stripper on the mandrel, such that the workpiece away from the lower mold, namely, originally the occasion to work reason.

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