Punch Mold – High Technology Development With the automotive

Punch Mold – High Technology Development With the automotive, IT electronics, aviation and other related industries and fields of high-speed development of China’s punching mold industry with each passing day, high-tech punch mold become the focus of development. Manufacture of integrated circuit lead frame precision progressive die and precision integrated circuit plastic mold; computer chassis, connectors and many components in the manufacture of precision plastic punch mold and precision punching punch mold, etc., are the production of electronic products can not be obtained Of the tools and equipment. Precision punch press mold has made the punch and die industry become a high-tech products with each other rely on the industry metal punching machine. The total national economy and the continuous development of industrial products and technologies, all walks of life on the punch mold demand is increasing, more and more technical requirements. Punch mold standard parts of the type cnc drilling machine for flange, quantity, level, production concentration on the entire punch mold industry has a significant impact.

Therefore, some important punch mold standard parts must also focus on the development, and its development should be faster than the speed of the development of punching die, so as to continuously improve the level of China’s punch mold standardization Structural Steel Fabrication, thereby improving the quality of the punch mold, shorten the punch mold production cycle and cut costs. As China’s punch mold products in the international market occupies a large price advantage, so the export prospects for a good punch mold products as the focus to develop. And the choice of these need to focus on the development of products, must be now has a certain basis, conditional, it is possible to develop the product. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition.

Safety rules for press operation

(1) before the test to check the punch movement part (such as rails, bearings, etc.) whether the filling of the lubricating oil angle machine. Then start punch and check the clutch drill machine, brake is normal. In this case, (2) first turn off the power, and other parts of the movement to stop the punch before they can begin to install and adjust the mold. In this case, (3) installation adjustment is completed, hand-wheel flywheel try to punch twice, the teacher check, before starting the punch. In this case, (4) before the start punch, the other people leave the punch work area, take the debris on the table before starting the power supply. In this case, (5) After punching, the feeding and punching operation will be carried out by one person. Other people may not press the key or foot pedal switchboard, and can not put the hand into the working area of ​​the press or touch the moving part of the punch. In this case, (6) found that the press has abnormal sound and mechanical failure tube drilling machine, should immediately turn off the power switch for inspection. In this case, (7) operation to focus on thinking, is strictly prohibited while talking to do, to cooperate with each other to ensure safe operation. In this case, (8) love stamping equipment, dies, tools, measuring tools and equipment. After the experiment, mold and punch should be wiped clean, finishing ready.

the corresponding drive (servo or frequency conversion) drilling machine

Punch offer, Dongguan CNC punch factory, Dongguan punch suppliers CNC punch press signal transmission CNC punch press interface is an important guarantee for this coordination work, which is mainly to solve the numerical control device to ask the exchange of information or with the numerical control device outside the signal exchange process (Figure 1) 3D CNC Drilling Machine, the CNC punching machine is the most important part of the work, , The realization of the methods include electrical connection and software coordination and management band saw. CNC punch press is the main edge of this interface to achieve. In this case, 1. Signal classification In this case, From the CNC punch press signal transmission point of view, there are two main categories: one is a single machine tool between the various components of the signal transmission; the other is between machine tools and machine tools or CNC machine tool between the signal transmission. The first kind of signal mainly includes: control the machine tool axis real-time movement correlation signal, by the numerical control device will control the signal to transmit to the corresponding drive (servo or frequency conversion) drilling machine. By the drive device control the same motor rotation: before and after the machine running, CNC device on the machine on a variety of switch signal processing, including the spindle, cutting fluid pump starting and stopping machine button and the trip switch signal. The second kind of signal mainly refers to the communication between the numerical control systems, including RS-232C communication and modems and other means of communication. In this case, In this case, 2. Interface classification specification In this case, According to international standards ‘1504336 a 1981 (E) machine numerical control – numerical control device and CNC punch electrical interface between the specification’, the interface is divided into four types: I – connection with the drive command circuit (power-driven connection); II – numerical control device and the free volume system and the connection between the measuring sensor circuit; III – Power supply and protection circuit; IV – on-off signal and code signal connection circuit c In this case, Can be seen, I, II-type connection circuit to send information is the NC device and servo unit, servo motor, position detection and speed detection between the control information, digital control, servo control and detection control areas.

Punch Infrared Protector of the composition unit (Figure)

Punch infrared components of the protection unit Light-emitting devices: by a number of light-emitting devices, emitting infrared light; Receiver: consists of a number of light-receiving devices, receiving infrared light drilling metal, and light-emitting devices one by one correspondence to form a protective light curtain, resulting in light, shading signal, while the signal cable to the controller to control external equipment ; Controller: for the light-emitting device, the receiver power supply, and receive light transmission by the light, shading signal, the output control signal laser cutting robot arm, control the brake control circuit or other equipment, alarm equipment, to achieve machine stop running or security alarm. The controller has built-in controller (I) and external controller (P).


The built-in controller has compact structure and can be installed in the control box of the equipment. The external controller has beautiful structure and can be directly installed In the device, easy operation and light curtain light, shading the state of observation; Signal cable: used to transmit the controller and the light-emitting device, the signal between the receiver; Control cable: used to connect the controller and machine tools, equipment, to achieve the safety control of machine tools or other equipment; Mounting bracket: the light-emitting device and receiver in the fixed machine; Crankshaft is rigid angle steel bender, so the slider movement is mandatory, the same speed, the slider of the inertia force of the flywheel to the crankshaft, connecting rod, slider to work, working principle see the picture; The number of strokes and the motion curve are fixed.

Punch the obvious characteristics and advantages of what

1, the punch body material using high-grade, high-strength cast iron (the country a high-speed punch all materials are similar products in the highest level of material) and to stress tempering and natural aging treatment, the structure of the integration of special cast iron alloy , High rigidity and shock resistance, to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, accuracy and stability. Stamping accuracy of 0.015mm or less, or even up to 0.01mm, vertical accuracy of up to 1.2 wire, travel up to 1300 times / min. 2, the punch production and processing rigorous, advanced, crankshaft, gears, gear shaft friction and other parts are hardened by heat treatment and then grinding process, a high wear resistance and balance, stable performance, the main components used in all imported products High-end CNC machining equipment, production, ensure accuracy, a variety of (including the magnetic filter, including) filtration system to ensure that the mechanical dynamic friction coefficient <0.03. 3, the press lubrication system in the design, the use of fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original industrial duct design, the main body of the stamping process faster cooling, more natural, all anti-wear components are electronic timing automatic lubrication system machine cnc, such as the lack of Lubricants, punch will be fully automatic stop.


At the same time with hydraulic locking system – using 50kgf / cm2; high-voltage automatic locking system to facilitate the operation and to ensure that locking force, solid and accurate. 4, punch eccentric shaft design, the intensity is much larger than the general design of the crankshaft, can withstand greater capacity and not easy to deformation. 5, microcomputer control system – direct display of high-speed press work status and fault conditions, the top dead center stop control, easy to mold and system self-test to facilitate understanding and troubleshooting. 6, advanced, simple control system to ensure the accuracy of the slider operation and stop. 7, Equipped with dynamic load balancing device, set the weight Angle Marking machine, can offset the inertia of reciprocating motion to balance the punch when the high-speed operation of the vibration, high-speed operation to achieve smooth, improve the service life of the main parts.


8, the main system of high-speed press (air, lubrication, pressure lock) – using a pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve system stability. 9, the air pressure system – all using SMC standard components to ensure system stability busbar punching machine. 10, the school mold operation control system, structural separation, self-locking function to improve the safety of operation, the reliability and accuracy of the school model. 11, the use of computer numerical control system, the panel easy to operate, can be used with any of the automated production needs, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. 12, Punch-oriented three-cylinder positioning device orientation, accuracy, stability, testing and easy maintenance. 13, the punch in the actual production of the material to pressure, plastic deformation, and get the required shape and accuracy, it must be with a group of molds (sub-die and die), the material placed in the meantime, the machine Apply pressure, deformation, processing Shi Shi Added to the force of the material caused by the reaction force, by the high-speed punch mechanical absorption by the body to ensure the accuracy of stability.

How to Extend the Life of Bed Hard Cutter

How to extend the life of the bed hard milling cutter saw machine, precision punching the core areas of processing, such as cutting, grinding, WEDM or around the young entrepreneurs choose to use proprietary technology professional factory to improve the quality of production. His modern CNC milling centers include hammers with five-axis synchronous milling 30 C-u and the latest CAD / CAM technology, the processing capacity of high strength materials with stiffness, which is one of the company’s strengths. Blanking die car supplier is one of the evidence. Maintenance accessories (average of 10 lots each) hardness 62-63 years Rockwell hardness value beveling machine, which is a difficult problem. Looking for a special coating and the BohlerS690 mold material and mold ‘matching’ treatment methods and tools to be much more difficult. Special coatings and micron range tolerance So far, all the tools in use, the coating will have different degrees of wear and tear, it must be replaced after use for some time. Precision Punch It is unacceptable to StefanMaas results, which will affect subsequent orders. Precision Punch Tooling Dies should be replaced when the paint is depleted, and the finishing, as well as the front edge cnc drilling machine for sale, is performed by removing the special coating, reforming the radius and bevel grinding, finishing the cutter diameter and then coating. The auto parts supplier tried to find the transition section with a diameter of 16.7 °, the inner diameter of the milling 77.2 + / – 0.005 mm, depth 3 + / – 0.01 mm, r = 0.3 mm, 68.7 + / – 0.3 mm Came a lot of difficulty, he has been in the process of finishing each cut is about 0.2 mm. Because the Maas River has been using the ‘smart’ solution in another application, we are looking forward to punching the mold also with other potential repair suggestions.

Structure Improvement of Large Precision Press

Large-scale precision punch to improve the structure, the current precision punch through the crankshaft of uniform speed rotation to provide power, such a power transmission structure to ensure that the precise stage of the slider press run smooth straightening machine, large size and stroke in the manufacture of large precision punch , Can only reduce the number of its itinerary, increase the transmission ratio and even increase the number of gear transmission, which limits the precision punch press productivity improvement, in order to break through this restriction drilling milling machine, only to change the structure, and the market is currently large tonnage precision punch Of the changes have made the structure of the punch tends to be complex and large, resulting in post-maintenance, maintenance cumbersome to use. From the fundamental solution to the large tonnage of precision punch stroke is low, the structure is cumbersome and difficult maintenance problems, Wiedeman on the large tonnage of precision presses with a new structure, improved after the new large tonnage punch body with large gear, crankshaft , The connecting rod and the slider; the eccentric pin supporting the large gear is arranged on the machine body; the crankshaft is fixedly connected with the connecting rod; the connecting rod is connected with the slider hinge; a crank rod and a pendulum are arranged in the fuselage; One end of the crank rod is hinged with the connecting rod pin; the other end of the curved rod is connected with one end of the swinging rod through a swinging pin pin; the other end of the swinging rod is fixedly connected with the crank shaft; Large gear and crankshaft bias, gear and crank hinged, curved rod and swing hinge, pendulum and crankshaft fixed together, crankshaft driven link, push the slider up and down movement, the clockwise rotation of the gear, through the song And the center of the link pin and the center distance of the crankshaft are changed within a certain range, resulting in the angle between the pendulum and the crank rod is also within a range of change, the results When the gears rotate at a constant speed, the crankshaft rotates at a variable speed and reflects the speed of the slider. Compared with the ordinary precision punching machine, the speed of the crankshaft is accelerated and slowed down. As long as the parameters are designed rationally pipe welding machine, the slider can decelerate near the bottom dead center, , Making the punch process of running the number of times to be a reliable guarantee.

China has become the largest high-end CNC punch importer

At present, China has become the largest high-end CNC punch press importer, while the NC system is a severe punch of the high-speed limit of 30% to 50% of the total cost of the capital account.

Statistics show that the domestic high-end CNC numerical control company will account for 70% of foreign companies, while high-end punch press parts are still considered as a strategic material embargo restrictions on foreign markets. Five-axis high-speed punch is a symbol of the command point of high-speed punch technology, large-scale propeller space five-axis milling machine surface machining.

According to the wife of the industry introduced in this platform independent intellectual property rights to complete all the extensive capacity building up to 3 technologies: First, the metallurgical center to install super-heavy high-precision spindle box to break the weight, strength and stiffness requirements, reach the limit now General Spindle box creative long; twenty-one labor to adhere to bed precision to domestic high level. The length of the machine is 45 meters long, the track to the rampant loss of 1 m length of the length of not more than 0.015 mm, the first total length of less than 0.27 mm in the intentional crime of 20 m is not greater than 0.16 mm, the length of 45 m weakness; Third, double-working group of three-channel and three-axis CNC technology with the original home.

Vice president of China “Compared with developed countries, we are speeding up catching up.Some products and even the success of the development of foreign counterparts with a panic, not only broke their long-term monopoly in the domestic market, but also forced them to lower their prices “Machine Tool Property Association Professional for Pavilion said.

IPM Co., Ltd. “China’s CNC enterprises have the confidence and ability to break the monopoly and technical barriers of foreign companies, with our development of the ‘brain’ to equip our equipment, break the foreign blockade. Huazhong NC to the general industrial computer hardware as a road to technological innovation, software experience, the method to complete the time to break the NC. With the popular thing of the fans and the view of electronic devices, the voluntary building 4-channel, the breakthrough overseas to shut down the 9-axis NC “Central China 1” high-output form to the standard on the calendar.

Maintain the expansion of the antennae

Not only that, the speed of the product in China has been extended to the full.

CNC machine tools is a super heavy water, fire, nuclear power plants, ships, metallurgical mines order to establish such a splendid configuration settings and war heavy industry has created a common maintenance, China has become a minority of super heavy machine suppliers. 250-type 5-meter CNC super-heavy-duty horizontal boring machine heavy self-developed super-heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe One of the six largest specifications released so far has created a new product, the aircraft total weight of 1450 tons, the spindle box weight of 177 Ton, in the 0.008 mm spindle face and radial runout.

Punch on the way you understand it?

In today’s world of punching industry is growing faster and faster, it is widely used as a market demand, but there are still a small number of customers do not know what punch shock absorber method to make better use of small series with you About today.

First, the punch punch hardening degree (counterclockwise nut, want to know that punch up when the device is done);

Second, the anchor hole under the required gasket, the screw inside the wear, with nuts to maintain the anchor. Punching bolts – Specification for samples. The nut and the red touch touch;

3. Specification for anchorage bolts. Tighten the screws flat, listening to the handle, fixing the screws on the ground;

Fourth, pay attention to listen to anchor bolt weight calculation. Because the creep appearance, the rubber horn is used for the first time, about the anchor bolt weight calculation. The next two weeks to make good use of punch.

The Grinding Rules of Die for Press

For some of the knowledge of the punch we have to understand, but the rules for its mold grinding is also very strange, only to know more, in use will be more helpful, then the following specific description, I hope you see.

1, the size of the edge of the 0.1 ~ 0.25 to see the sharp blade;

2, the wheel surface clean and dry;

3, each punch on (eat knife amount) should not exceed 0.013, the general assembly of the mold caused by the hot surface, the equivalent of annealing process, mold softening, greatly reducing the life of the mold;

4, the cutting edge grinding must have enough coolant.

Punch-related information first introduced here, and then punch you can use the knowledge, the use of more simple, more knowledge, please continue to pay attention!