ment needs an explanation – where are the re maining 12 vari ables?

ment needs an ex pla na tion – where are the re main ing 12 vari ables? Why are

they miss ing? Is there a con nec tion be tween the miss ing num bers and the miss ing five let ters?

In the As sign ment List 1, there are only 21 vari ables (let ter) that can be de fined in the macro call

G65, but the re main ing 12 can only be de fined within the body of a macro Look care fully on the

num bers of those vari ables miss ing in the As sign ment List 1 The fol low ing num bers are only

those not avail able in the List 1:

Vari ables

drilling Machine

#10, #12, #14, #15, #16, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, and #33

are not part of the As sign ment List 1 Yet, they can be de fined in ter nally, within the macro body only, also as lo cal vari ables They can be re de fined and used again, but they are not tied up to a

let ter ad dress like the ‘nor mal’ 21 vari ables

A good ex am ple to il lus trate the con cept of us ing these vari ables in the macro body is vari able

#33, al though the ex am ple drilling steel ap plies equally to other ‘miss ing’ vari ables Since #33 is the last

avail able vari able num ber, many macro pro gram mers of ten use it as a coun ter def i ni tion for

macro loops (any other vari able can be used for the same pur pose with the same re sult) A coun ter

for loops is of ten re quired within the macro body, but there is no need to de fine it in the G65

macro call state ment, where it would have be de fined by one of the as sign able 21 vari ables

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Chapter 8

Disallowed Addresses

The next ‘mys tery’ to solve is the mys tery of the five miss ing let ters – ad dresses Why there are

only 21 of the 26 Eng lish al pha bet let ters that can be used? The five re main ing let ters are miss ing

for a good rea son Just by look ing at the miss ing num bers in the As sign ment List 1 may pro vide a

clue drilling tools These num bers are miss ing in the As sign ment List 1:

#10, #12, #14, #15, and #16

Note – these vari ables can only be

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