How to Extend the Life of Bed Hard Cutter

How to extend the life of the bed hard milling cutter saw machine, precision punching the core areas of processing, such as cutting, grinding, WEDM or around the young entrepreneurs choose to use proprietary technology professional factory to improve the quality of production. His modern CNC milling centers include hammers with five-axis synchronous milling 30 C-u and the latest CAD / CAM technology, the processing capacity of high strength materials with stiffness, which is one of the company’s strengths. Blanking die car supplier is one of the evidence. Maintenance accessories (average of 10 lots each) hardness 62-63 years Rockwell hardness value beveling machine, which is a difficult problem. Looking for a special coating and the BohlerS690 mold material and mold ‘matching’ treatment methods and tools to be much more difficult. Special coatings and micron range tolerance So far, all the tools in use, the coating will have different degrees of wear and tear, it must be replaced after use for some time. Precision Punch It is unacceptable to StefanMaas results, which will affect subsequent orders. Precision Punch Tooling Dies should be replaced when the paint is depleted, and the finishing, as well as the front edge cnc drilling machine for sale, is performed by removing the special coating, reforming the radius and bevel grinding, finishing the cutter diameter and then coating. The auto parts supplier tried to find the transition section with a diameter of 16.7 °, the inner diameter of the milling 77.2 + / – 0.005 mm, depth 3 + / – 0.01 mm, r = 0.3 mm, 68.7 + / – 0.3 mm Came a lot of difficulty, he has been in the process of finishing each cut is about 0.2 mm. Because the Maas River has been using the ‘smart’ solution in another application, we are looking forward to punching the mold also with other potential repair suggestions.

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