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Structure Improvement of Large Precision Press

Large-scale precision punch to improve the structure, the current precision punch through the crankshaft of uniform speed rotation to provide power, such a power transmission structure to ensure that the precise stage of the slider press run smooth straightening machine, large size and stroke in the manufacture of large precision punch , Can only reduce the number of its itinerary, increase the transmission ratio and even increase the number of gear transmission, which limits the precision punch press productivity improvement, in order to break through this restriction drilling milling machine, only to change the structure, and the market is currently large tonnage precision punch Of the changes have made the structure of the punch tends to be complex and large, resulting in post-maintenance, maintenance cumbersome to use. From the fundamental solution to the large tonnage of precision punch stroke is low, the structure is cumbersome and difficult maintenance problems, Wiedeman on the large tonnage of precision presses with a new structure, improved after the new large tonnage punch body with large gear, crankshaft , The connecting rod and the slider; the eccentric pin supporting the large gear is arranged on the machine body; the crankshaft is fixedly connected with the connecting rod; the connecting rod is connected with the slider hinge; a crank rod and a pendulum are arranged in the fuselage; One end of the crank rod is hinged with the connecting rod pin; the other end of the curved rod is connected with one end of the swinging rod through a swinging pin pin; the other end of the swinging rod is fixedly connected with the crank shaft; Large gear and crankshaft bias, gear and crank hinged, curved rod and swing hinge, pendulum and crankshaft fixed together, crankshaft driven link, push the slider up and down movement, the clockwise rotation of the gear, through the song And the center of the link pin and the center distance of the crankshaft are changed within a certain range, resulting in the angle between the pendulum and the crank rod is also within a range of change, the results When the gears rotate at a constant speed, the crankshaft rotates at a variable speed and reflects the speed of the slider. Compared with the ordinary precision punching machine, the speed of the crankshaft is accelerated and slowed down. As long as the parameters are designed rationally pipe welding machine, the slider can decelerate near the bottom dead center, , Making the punch process of running the number of times to be a reliable guarantee.