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China has become the largest high-end CNC punch importer

At present, China has become the largest high-end CNC punch press importer, while the NC system is a severe punch of the high-speed limit of 30% to 50% of the total cost of the capital account.

Statistics show that the domestic high-end CNC numerical control company will account for 70% of foreign companies, while high-end punch press parts are still considered as a strategic material embargo restrictions on foreign markets. Five-axis high-speed punch is a symbol of the command point of high-speed punch technology, large-scale propeller space five-axis milling machine surface machining.

According to the wife of the industry introduced in this platform independent intellectual property rights to complete all the extensive capacity building up to 3 technologies: First, the metallurgical center to install super-heavy high-precision spindle box to break the weight, strength and stiffness requirements, reach the limit now General Spindle box creative long; twenty-one labor to adhere to bed precision to domestic high level. The length of the machine is 45 meters long, the track to the rampant loss of 1 m length of the length of not more than 0.015 mm, the first total length of less than 0.27 mm in the intentional crime of 20 m is not greater than 0.16 mm, the length of 45 m weakness; Third, double-working group of three-channel and three-axis CNC technology with the original home.

Vice president of China “Compared with developed countries, we are speeding up catching up.Some products and even the success of the development of foreign counterparts with a panic, not only broke their long-term monopoly in the domestic market, but also forced them to lower their prices “Machine Tool Property Association Professional for Pavilion said.

IPM Co., Ltd. “China’s CNC enterprises have the confidence and ability to break the monopoly and technical barriers of foreign companies, with our development of the ‘brain’ to equip our equipment, break the foreign blockade. Huazhong NC to the general industrial computer hardware as a road to technological innovation, software experience, the method to complete the time to break the NC. With the popular thing of the fans and the view of electronic devices, the voluntary building 4-channel, the breakthrough overseas to shut down the 9-axis NC “Central China 1” high-output form to the standard on the calendar.

Maintain the expansion of the antennae

Not only that, the speed of the product in China has been extended to the full.

CNC machine tools is a super heavy water, fire, nuclear power plants, ships, metallurgical mines order to establish such a splendid configuration settings and war heavy industry has created a common maintenance, China has become a minority of super heavy machine suppliers. 250-type 5-meter CNC super-heavy-duty horizontal boring machine heavy self-developed super-heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe One of the six largest specifications released so far has created a new product, the aircraft total weight of 1450 tons, the spindle box weight of 177 Ton, in the 0.008 mm spindle face and radial runout.