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Punch on the way you understand it?

In today’s world of punching industry is growing faster and faster, it is widely used as a market demand, but there are still a small number of customers do not know what punch shock absorber method to make better use of small series with you About today.

First, the punch punch hardening degree (counterclockwise nut, want to know that punch up when the device is done);

Second, the anchor hole under the required gasket, the screw inside the wear, with nuts to maintain the anchor. Punching bolts – Specification for samples. The nut and the red touch touch;

3. Specification for anchorage bolts. Tighten the screws flat, listening to the handle, fixing the screws on the ground;

Fourth, pay attention to listen to anchor bolt weight calculation. Because the creep appearance, the rubber horn is used for the first time, about the anchor bolt weight calculation. The next two weeks to make good use of punch.

The Grinding Rules of Die for Press

For some of the knowledge of the punch we have to understand, but the rules for its mold grinding is also very strange, only to know more, in use will be more helpful, then the following specific description, I hope you see.

1, the size of the edge of the 0.1 ~ 0.25 to see the sharp blade;

2, the wheel surface clean and dry;

3, each punch on (eat knife amount) should not exceed 0.013, the general assembly of the mold caused by the hot surface, the equivalent of annealing process, mold softening, greatly reducing the life of the mold;

4, the cutting edge grinding must have enough coolant.

Punch-related information first introduced here, and then punch you can use the knowledge, the use of more simple, more knowledge, please continue to pay attention!

Development history of CNC punch press

The first generation of mechanical CNC punch

The main motor output drives the flywheel and the clutch drive gears, the crankshaft connecting rod is operated to realize the linear motion of the slider of the machine is characterized in that the movement of the flywheel, (or eccentric gear) motion is changed in a linear motion design principle; Ring Stamping Stamping stroke is fixed, can not be adjusted, so the punching plant stamping speed. Second, because the stroke of the head is not adjusted, stamping is not easy to control, only by adjusting the mold to achieve the desired effect, adjust the degree of difficulty and trouble, but also the machine noise, need to replace the clutch plate shortcomings, solid phase out

Second – generation hydraulic CNC punch

Hydraulic press design principle is through a special hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder driven against the head, by the electro-hydraulic servo valve control stamping parts, because of its controllable travel, so you can adjust the nozzle travel without going back to top dead center (professionals Called the pre-pressure point, which is shortening its stamping stroke) ideal speed to complete the desired effect of stamping, each done, to 600-800 times / min. Because of its ease of use, high efficiency, (is about 3 times the mechanical type) is a reasonable price, has been widely used, is the mainstream of the market stamping equipment.

Third – generation servo – NC punch

Driven by the servo motor directly against the head, the servo punch design principles. Because the fixed servo motor does not consume power, so this type of hydraulic phase pressure compared to some, but its higher prices, the market is not much users.